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Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties


Custom Video Services, Inc. is a full-service forensic media production and presentation company, dedicating our professional skills and experience to developing, preparing and presenting clear and compelling visual evidence instantly when you need it.


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Building Blocks for Justice

Michael Hollar

The Miami-Dade County Courthouse at 73 West Flagler Street has proudly served this community for 87 years. At the time it was built, there were seven judges in all of Dade County and the courthouse was the tallest skyscraper south of Baltimore and a source of pride for every citizen. But no longer.

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Florida Passes Automatic Renewal Statute, Other States to Follow

Michael Hollar

The state of Florida passed a new bill affecting automatic renewal of contracts. Under House Bill 751, titled, An act relating to automatic renewal of service contracts, service providers must include a clear and conspicuous clause in the contract specifying the terms of the automatic renewal, as well as give notice between 30 and 60 days prior that the contract will self-renew. 

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