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Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties


Custom Video Services, Inc. is a full-service forensic media production and presentation company, dedicating our professional skills and experience to developing, preparing and presenting clear and compelling visual evidence instantly when you need it.

Custom Video Services - Synchronizing Video to Transcript

Synchronizing Video to Transcript, DepoView, YesLaw, LiveNote, Santion, Trial Director.

Synchronizing Video to Transcript

Custom Video Services now offers live video switching to our clients

Synchronizing is the process when a video file is synchronized with the court reporter’s ASCII text. Synchronized depositions are the easy way to review testimony, locate key elements, and create and export video clips that contain both the video and the relevant text.  We can synchronize to multiple formats and software.

DepoView or YesLaw provides a standardized, easy-to-use format. Just ask to deliver your next video deposition in DepoView or YesLaw format, along with the synchronized video.

Review video depositions and associated transcripts on a standard DVD player or personal computer. Reviewing depositions has never been so convenient.

The software loaded on each CD and DVD includes these easy-to-use features:

  • Annotations
  • Highlights
  • Exhibit Linking
  • Instant Clip Creation
  • Exporting Video Clips
YesLaw or DepoView Custom Video Services

Do not hesitate to ask which software (DepoView or YesLaw) is right for you.